Thursday, April 8, 2010

Power of the Sun: Sustainable Energy Education from the Pembina Institute

One of the themes that Earth Day reminds us about is the need for sustainable energy development throughout the world. The Pembina Institute, a Canadian non-profit think tank, has made its mission the advancement of "sustainable energy solutions through innovative research, education, consultation, and advocacy." Most importantly the Pembina Institute strives for "a world in which our immediate and future needs are met in a manner that protects the earth's living systems; ensures clean air, land and water; prevents dangerous climate change, and provides for a safe and just global community."

The Pembina Institute's education programs are focused on teaching people around the world about the principles of sustainability. One activity I think our Earth Scouts will enjoy is learning about the power of solar energy. When you think about it, the sun has been emitting massive amounts of energy for billions of years. It just makes sense for us to harness this energy for everyday use.

The links that follow include an activity for our scouts to build their own solar oven. There is research information, instructions to construct the oven, and they've even included a recipe sheet!


Background Information on Solar Heat
Solar Energy Q&A for Younger Kids
Solar Energy Q&A for older kids
Principles of a Solar Box Cooker Design
Solar Oven Construction Plans
Solar Oven Recipes

If you decide to take on the solar oven project be sure to tell us all about it!

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