Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Earth Stewardship

Earth Stewardship is the practice of caring for the Earth through regenerative and restorative methodologies that include:

* Soil reparation
* Permaculture principles
* Use of Effective micro-organisms 
* Mycellium applications
* Beneficial algae propagation
* Tree planting
* Organic farming
* EcoVillage Low Impact Sustainable development
* Wildlife habitat restoration/protection
* Clean Waste Management (Plasma Conversion)
* Watershed Management

Sustainability is the key principle behind Earth Stewardship and on a human level it means implementing practices and technologies that include:

* Renewable clean energy (Solar, Wind, etc)
* Green Building
* Alternative clean fuel
* Environmental Protection
* Urban Homesteading
* Sustainable Cities Projects
* Water Conservation
* Sustainable Forestry
* Small Organic Farms

The above is just a partial list of the vast array of Earth Stewardship realms.  The simple act of recycling and picking up litter are also in the domain of Earth Stewardship.  

There is surprisingly very little written about Earth Stewardship online using that term but we believe more will be written as people everywhere continue with their organic awakening within the sustainability movement.   

History of Earth Stewardship

Indigenous peoples understood and practiced Earth Stewardship through their relationship with their environment and the organic limitations within their ecosystems. 

"For countless centuries we lived as one with the Earth. People were aware of the spiritual aspect of nature and the fact that we ARE nature and everything is connected. There was respect for the land, the heavens, the animals, the plants and even the stones. It was common knowledge that everything was imbued with spirit. When we ate animals or took down a tree it was done with the greatest respect and care for the entity. Prayers of thanksgiving were offered up and every part of the entity was used in respect for the life form giving itself for the nourishment of mankind." ~David Weisner from 'Indigenous Peoples Hold The Key To Our Survival  

In the Post Industrial Age the global human family has been seeking, learning about, and reviving lost wisdoms as well as inventing, researching, and implementing new technologies that are geared towards the healing and regeneration of whole planetary systems and structures. 
The Planet Earth Scouts family is a community of Earth Stewards who are connected through a common desire to co-create a sustainable and healthy world for future generations.  Their individual and collective actions are bringing definition to the term Earth Stewardship and their efforts are weaving a tapestry of planetary healing.  

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