Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Fall Equinox

A few weeks late but the first storm of the season here in Northern California brought the fall season in full swing!  It has been a long transformative experience since last Springs post and it is good that the community has become self-determined and has found a new name that is member inspired and owned - Planet Earth Scouts.
New Planet Earth Scouts Logo
The holiday season is descending upon us with each passing day yet this year more families than ever are focusing not on the stress this time of year can bring (no one needs more of that) but are looking for alternative ways to celebrate the deeper meaning behind these holidays - like family, friends, and a basic sense of well being that the world events can too often leave us feeling a lack of.  

The Planet Earth Scout community will be working to create new and evolved resources for members over the winter months and you are invited to come and contribute your inspirations, ideas, and visions as a member of the Planet Earth Scout family.  

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