Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring 2012 - New Beginnings

Greetings Planet Earth Scouts Community!
Happy Spring!  Late Monday night and Tuesday (depending on where you live) the Vernal Equinox happened and spring is officially upon us! 
What a journey it has been for our team since we dissolved association with the ECUS board of directors and committed to support and facilitate the evolution of this community's vision and purpose.

During the fall/winter our team moved our headquarters to a new location - we manage our projects within our home so that meant moving horses, goats, outbuildings, trees (yes we uprooted trees), plants, rocks, and even dirt (20 yards of pristine compost).  So that is why we have not had any time to work with this community until now.  

We feel this lapse in time and activity on this network served to allow everyone within the Planet Earth Scouts community to re-orientate and we received communications from many members who were going through a great deal of changes in their lives as well.  These times we live in require us to be highly adaptable and fluid as our culture transitions to new sustainable models, systems, and structures.   We are committed to seeing Planet Earth Scouts emerge as it was originally intended - a program that provides a way for children/youth and even adults to participate in the fundamental shifts towards a just, peaceful, and sustainable world - and having fun while it happens!  
We will be resuming regular monthly broadcasts in the community, blog posts, and updates and we look forward to hearing about any activities you have been doing!
Daniel & Darlene Cavallaro
Planet Earth Scouts Sponsors/Admins

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